Chris Croft
Project Management

The 12 Steps to Successful Project Management


Define the Project

List the tasks

Estimate times and costs for each task

Find the critical path

Consider crashing or overlapping critical tasks

Draw Gantt (bar) chart

Calculate resource requirements over time

Assess risks, and prepare action plans

Monitor progress to the Gantt chart

Monitor cumulative cost

Communicate progress and changes

Review: learn and praise

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5. Consider crashing or overlapping critical tasks

  • If the critical path is too long you may decide to overlap tasks – this is usually more risky, but quicker.
  • Your other choice is to crash a task – which means throw money (or people) at it in order to do it more quickly. This usually means it will be more expensive in the end, and possibly of a lower quality too.
  • If you crash a critical task there is a risk that something else in parallel with it will become critical as well.
  • The best tasks to crash are those which are a) critical, b) long and c) not in parallel with others.