Chris Croft
Project Management

The 12 Steps to Successful Project Management


Define the Project

List the tasks

Estimate times and costs for each task

Find the critical path

Consider crashing or overlapping critical tasks

Draw Gantt (bar) chart

Calculate resource requirements over time

Assess risks, and prepare action plans

Monitor progress to the Gantt chart

Monitor cumulative cost

Communicate progress and changes

Review: learn and praise

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2. List the tasks.

  • Involve the team
  • Brainstorm a list of all of the tasks that might be involved in the project
  • Put the tasks in some sort of logical diagram – often known as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Consider “granularity” – how detailed should the task breakdown be?
  • Remember that managing the project is a task in itself, and should have time allowed for it
  • Have a look at previous project WBSs for ideas
  • Have a look at previous project reviews to see what others have missed
  • Show your WBS to an expert, or someone who has done a similar project before – ask them what you have forgotten
  • Remember that any tasks forgotten at this stage will make your project go both late and over budget!